Dental Practice Dr. Hubiak | Diabetes mellitus and periodontosis

Both are chronic immflamotory diseases, that are mostly discovered when the damage is done. Periodontosis, like diabetes, causes little or no pain, and developes slowly.

Once Periodontosis – always Periodontosis! Once diabetes – always diabetes!

Both sicknesses influence eath other: A badly adjusted diabetes worsens a Periodontosis, and vice versa. Diabetes mellitus (Type I, mostly inherited; Autoimmune sickness of the pancreas, non-production of Insuline, life long injections of Insuline; Type II, more than 90 % certain inheritance, false nutrition, large intake of sugar, lethargy and overweight causes a relative deficite if insuline and insuline resistence) is mostly dicovered when high blood sugar levels are found.

First signs of a possible sickness are thirstiness, frequent urination, fatigue, dry skin, poor healing of wounds, bad sight, prone to infection, loss of weight. The high bloodsugar levels remain undiscovered for a long period of time, damage to the blood vessels are imminent, leading to blood circulation problems in various regions of the body: Eyes-, kidneys-, nerve damage; diabetic root syndrome, higher risk of a stroke, cardiac arrest (heart attack), periodontosis.

The chronic periodontosis is a risk-factor for diabetes, while bacteria enter the blood circulation, causing minimun insuline production, higher sugar levels and difficultys by the bloodsugar adjustment for diabetics. The coherence between both sicknesses researched. However, not always is the connection of both sicknesses recognised. The risk of periodontosis through diabetes stands directly with the glycemic index. Is the diabetic patient well adjusted is the Periodontosis easy to treat.

By bad adjustment is a high risk of progression of the Periodontosis, leading to loss of teeth. Chronic Periodontosis causes an insuline resistance of the body tissues and makes the adjustment of the bloodsugar levels difficult, and adds to the risk of diabetic complications like heart, bloodvessels, kidneys and eyes. For non-diabetics is the bloodsugar level connected with the level of Periodontosis.

The risk of a disarranged sugar tolerance or diabetes mellitus because of the Periodontosis is higher. A sucessful treatment of Periodontosis reduces not only the local symptones in the mouth, but improves the status of the diabetes. Visible is a reduction of the longtime sugar levels (HbA1c) by Type II diabetes 3 month after a non-surgical Periodontosis therapy between 0,4 % and 0,5 % which is equal to a second medicine for a diabetes therapy.

A systematic Periodontosis therapy is a effevtive as a medicine.


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