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Dental sealers are used to close and seal fissures (cracks), which occur mostly on the chewing surfaces of the rear teeth (molars). Fissures offer an excellent entry possibility for caries, an therefore, especially for children be sealed. Ideally, once the child's teeth are developed, and are still „healthy“.

Fissure sealing, utilising a special plastic material which helps to diminish the risk of caries, can also be used to treat adults. Fissure sealing is only an alternative to a filling, as long as the tooth has only a superficial caries. By deeper lying caries is a filling necessary.

Cavitys are not possible to be cleaned using a toothbrush, so that plaque build-up is stronger, allowing caries to spread. Dental sealing offers a good way to prevent caries and is an important keystone in the prophylaxis.

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