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For your children to keep their teeth healthy as long as possible, is a child prophylaxis important.

This starts earlier as most parents know. Pregnant mothers can help their unborn child to protect against caries. The correct nourishment of the child plays an important role in the long term healthiness of the teeth. Sugar free drinks and a reduction of feeding times to 4-5 times daily. As soon as the milk teeth have broken through, is a fundamental cleaning technique very important.

Toothpaste with flouride can help, the caries risk to reduce.

Flouride tablets or other medicines should not be taken otherwise an overdose is possible.

Frequent visits to the dentist is an important support for the child prophylaxis. Beside the correct treatment and cleaning of the teeth, your child will react positive of dental visits. The control inspections help to find early damage and so reduce a painfull and complicated treatment.

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