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Many people wish for a clean smile and white teeth. Tooth colour is very often not snowwhite but yellowish to greyish. These colourings are quite normal and are influenced through age, coffee, tea or redwine. Also hereditary pimente can infuence the colour of the teeth.

Toothroot channel treatment can also cause colouring of the teeth. Bleaching can help, whereby Hydrogenperoxide is applied externally to the teeth, or internally (root channel) by a rootchannel treatment. Dark pigments are removed through oxidation, whereby the teeth are whitened. The whitening lasts apprx. 1-3 years. The above mentioned methods are carried out in our practice.

Another possibility is the bleaching in our home. By this method, a mould of your teeth is made, in which the bleach is filled. In both cases, is the bleaching not covered by the NHS; Cosmetic treatment pays the patients themselves. Bleaching is only aesthetic and tooth colour not really whiter.

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