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Snoring rails

A healthy sleep is important for our regeneration and boosts our efficiency and well-being. A large part of the population however, have sleeping disorders, mostly caused by snoring.

Because of that, sleep is disrupted, which has negative effects on our health and psychic condition. Using a „snoring rail“ can help stop snoring, because the lower jaw is slightly pushed forward. This leads to re-positioning of the tongue and allows more airflow into the rear of the mouth and throat. When snoring, the breathing temporarily stops; this is know as „sleep apnea“.

Not only does this disrupt the deepsleep, but also leads to tiredness during the day, and higher the risk of a stroke, because of an oxygen deficite to the brain. The so called obstructive sleep apnea can cause blood circulation problems, high blood pressure, and the risk of a stroke. A snoring rail can in this case help towards a healthy sleep and reduce the risk of „sleep apnea“.

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