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Root channel treatment

An inflamed tooth root is a common cause of toothache. Preservation of your own teeth is always the best choise, and a root channel treatment has many advantages over an extraction of the tooth. The inflamed tissue – tooth marrow or pulpa – that protects the nerve by healthy teeth, is removed and the root channel cleaned using modern technology.

To stop a re-infection from bacteria, the channel is sealed with a filling, or is fitted with a crown.

If a root channel treatment is not carried out early enough, an infection through the jaw bone into the tissues and cause an abscess, from which bacteria spreads to the brain and heart, implicating more health problems.
Root channel treatment can be necessary after accidents, broken teeth or by crown fitting.

Advantages of a root channel treatment

A root channel treatment is in some cases difficult, because of the angle and branching of the root channel. Althogh time intensive, is the treatment worth while. Your own teeth can be preserved, so that no optical change is seen and the chewing capability is upheld. Also, expensive false teeth are maybe not necessary. If a larger bridge or prothesis is necessary, the prederved teeth offer the correct support.

Modern technology

Modern technology is for the success of a root channel treatment important. To clan the root channel, we use special titan files, using iscillating and reciprocal movements to reach and widen the sometimes difficult to reach and clean root channels. For best results, the length of the channel is electronically measured.


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